135 Gallon DEF IBC Tote w/ 110V Caddy & RPV Top Suction

135 Gallon 110V DEF IBC Tote
  • Full DEF Transport and Transfer Tote System
  • FDA Approved, UV Stabilized HDPE Container
  • ISO 22241-3 Certified DEF Equipment
  • 110 Volt, 10+ GPM Pump
  • Stainless Steel DEF Nozzle
  • Long Reach 20” Discharge Hose
  • MicroMatic RPV Closed System Transfer
  • DEF Flow Meter, Optional
  • 6” Threaded, Vented Lid
  • 4-Way Forklift Access
  • Ships Fully Assembled



The 135 Gallon DEF IBC Tote with 110V Easy Caddy and RPV Top Suction is a complete DEF handling kit. The kit includes a caged IBC tote with 135 gallon volume capacity and DEF transfer equipment. The product kit and equipment are ISO 22241-3 compliant for the storage, handling, and dispensing of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). The product is intended for use with DEF only and is engineered to the highest quality standards for maintaining DEF purity.

The included 135 gallon IBC tote is a composite intermediate bulk container, also known as a caged IBC tote. The IBC is blow-mold manufactured from premium grade linear polyethylene supported by a steel cage. The IBC includes a built-in pallet platform with 4-way forklift channels for maneuverability and ease in loading / unloading for transport.

The DEF transfer equipment kit includes a DP-Series 4000 Dura-Pump. The pump is a high-flow, self-priming diaphragm pump with run-dry capability and thermal overload protection. The pump provides up to 15 GPM max flow rate and with the included 3/4″ discharge nozzle and hose, the pump will provide 10+ gallons of DEF per minute, reducing refill times. The pump system features the Dura Products Easy Caddy for easy mounting and portability between IBC totes and can even be used with steel drums. Power supply is 110V AC with 6.5’ power cord and grounding line. A 10 minute pump auto-shut off feature is available for the 110V Easy Caddy tote product.

The kit includes an RPV valve and top suction connection system with downtube for IBC installation, DEF suction, and closed-loop protection and distribution. The RPV valve is built from composite plastic and is a 6″ dual bung vented lid with MicroMatic™ RPV valve. The kit includes a stainless steel DEF dispensing nozzle available in either automatic or manual shutoff with 3/4″ x 20’ flexible discharge hose. The downtube is a 1” telescoping downtube made to accommodate different tote heights and volumes.

Additional information

Weight 193 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 40 × 48 in


Manufactured In

United States


4 Way Cross-Directional Forklift Channels

Gallon Capacity

135 Gallon


Dura Products





UV Inhibitors


Max Temperature (°F)


Specific Gravity



2" Male Camlock


7" Threaded Vented Lid

Hose Length


Hose Reel


Dispense Nozzle

3/4" Stainless Steel

Flow Meter


Pump Power

110 Volt AC


ISO 22241-3

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