140 Gallon IBC Totes

About 140 Gallon IBCs

140 gallon IBC totes for sale and direct shipment to your location. The 140 gallon stainless steel IBC tote product provides 140 gallons of storage capacity in a container manufactured entirely from stainless steel metal. The IBC is ideal for applications requiring high-purity, high-cleanability standards, food and beverage ingredients, flammables, combustibles, solvents, and SS compatible chemicals. 140 gallon stainless steel IBCs are Title 49 CFR UN/DOT approved and permitted for shipping and handling Packing Group II and III hazmat over freight networks.

Features & Specs

140 gallon stainless steel IBC containers are made in the USA from 10 gauge thick, 304 grade stainless steel. IBCs made from 316L stainless steel are available on request. The totes feature a 22 1/2 inch wide mouth manway, a 2 inch fusible vent or 3 inch center fill cap / fusible vent, a 2 inch bung, a 2 inch side discharge 316 SS ball valve, combination lifting lugs, and 3-way forklift access with a 42″ L x 48″ W base.

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