220 Gallon IBC Totes

About 220 Gallon IBCs

220 gallon IBC totes for sale and direct shipment to your location. The 220 gallon IBC tote product provides a good working volume with a capacity equal to four 55 gallon drums. The totes are great for many applications, can lower company costs, save space, and improve worker efficiency. Products are made in the USA. The IBCs are rotational mold manufactured from premium, FDA approved virgin high density polyethylene. The intermediate bulk containers are Title 49 CFR UN/DOT approved and permitted for handling PG II and PG III hazmat cargo over freight networks

High Density Polyethylene IBC Containers

High density polyethylene rotational mold fabrication provides a one-piece, seamless, consistent-strength IBC container with lasting reliability and durability. Poly IBC totes are ANSI/NSF Standard 61 certified for potable water handling and application systems. HD polyethylene totes are ideal for a wide range of service applications, long term use, and reusability in holding liquids, chemicals, and cargo compatible with high-density polyethylene plastic.

Features & Specs

220 gallon poly IBC containers include the standard and premium stacking IBC totes and the Ultratainer and Wide Mouth Ultratainer IBC tote models. IBCs feature a 6 inch threaded, vented screw cap, a 2 inch quick connect ball valve, one or two bungs, gallonage indicators, and 4-way forklift access. Standard and premium stacking IBCs have a square 45” L x 45” W base. Ultratainer IBCs have a square 46” L x 46” W base. Wide Mouth Ultratainer IBCs feature a 20 inch manway with a 22 inch threaded lid with 6 inch threaded, vented screw cap easy access port.

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