275 Gallon Rebottled IBC Tote

275 Gallon Rebottled Caged IBC
  • New Tank & Refurbished Cage
  • Food Grade / Safe for Potable Water & Drinking
  • 6″ Lid & 2″ Ball Valve w/ Male Coupler
  • Great for Forklifts, 4-Way Access
  • UV Stabilized Plastic
  • BPA Free & NSF61



275 gallon rebottled, high density polyethylene caged IBC totes feature 100% newly manufactured containers within a refurbished steel cage. Rebottled poly totes (composite IBCs) have had all prior-use plastic removed and replaced with a new liner, blow-mold fabricated and certified for potable (drinking) water applications. These 275 gallon capacity IBCs are designed and tested for UN/DOT shipping of solid to liquid, compatible hazardous and non-hazardous packing group II, III materials. Many chemicals, solutions, powders, granulated substances, and production/industry resources are commonly handled and transported in 275 gallon, rebottled IBCs.

Manufacturing and engineering of these IBC containers produces a durable, consistent, bulk cargo container that is standardized for versatility and maneuverability. Rebottled poly IBC totes feature new, 275 gallon tanks fabricated from HDPE (high-density polyethylene), a robust, resistant thermoplastic rated for liquids up to 1.9 specific gravity. The polyethylene resin, and additional tank constituents such as UV stabilizers, meet FDA and ANSI, NSF 61 requirements and are BPA free for consumables and drinking water operations. UV stabilizers approve rigid plastic IBCs for extended outdoor use. Polyethylene totes are not susceptible to rust, nor normal environmental corrosion concerns.

Composite rebottled IBCs have protective metal cages that have been constructed from galvanized steel for rust, corrosion, drop, puncture, and impact resistance. The external cage of 275 gallon poly IBCs provides an extra layer of protection as well as tank rigidity and structural support for handling and stacking up to the poly tote’s listed max stack test load. Rebottled 275 gallon IBC are sized near standard pallets, measure 45”L x 40”W x 46″H, and are cubical in design for easy integration. They feature 4-way fork and pallet jack access channels, 6” top fill inlets with screw cap, vented lids, and 2” ball valve outlets with male camlock quick disconnect adapters.

275 gallon rebottled poly totes, often used to replace drum pallets, occupy a single pallet footprint with a bulk volume that is equal to five (5) common 55 gallon shipping drums. Rebottled IBC containers can make excellent low-cost, large-volume handling tanks that can increase logistics and handling efficiency as well as potential integration advantages due to inlet and outlet plumbing capabilities for cargo filling and discharge.

Additional information

Weight 135 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 40 × 46 in
Manufactured In

United States


4 Way Cross-Directional Forklift Channels

Freight Class


Gallon Indicators


Gallon Capacity

275 Gallon


IBC Tanks



Stacking Capability

3 High



UV Inhibitors


Specific Gravity



6" Threaded Lid


2" Drain Valve w/ Male Quick Disconnect Coupler


BPA Free, FDA Approved, NSF61

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