300 Gallon IBC Totes

About 300 Gallon IBCs

300 gallon IBC totes for sale and direct shipment to your location. Product options for 300 gallon IBC include carbon steel and stainless steel IBC tote tanks, providing a total volume greater than five 55 gallon drums while occupying the work space of a single pallet. The totes are made in the USA by top IBC manufacturers.

Due to their large manway opening and durable material of construction, 300 gallon metal IBCs are ideal for direct application uses such as blending, mixing, batching, dispensing, injection systems, and for shipping, receiving, and warehousing.

These intermediate bulk container products are Title 49 CFR UN/DOT approved and permitted for handling PG II and PG III hazmat cargo over freight networks.

Features & Specs

Carbon steel IBC containers feature a 22 1/2 inch wide mouth manway, a 3 inch center fill cap and fusible vent, a 2 inch bung, a 2 inch SS ball valve, and combination lifting lugs. 300 gallon carbon steel totes measure 42″ W x 48″ L x 41″ H. The totes have 3-way forklift access and a side discharge ball valve, standard.

Stainless steel IBC containers are either the TranStore brand model with a 22 1/2 inch manway or the Supertainer brand model with a 22 5/16 inch manway. SS IBCs feature a 2 inch fusible vent or a 3 inch dual-function center fill cap / fusible vent. The totes also feature a 2 inch bung, combination lifting lugs, a 2 inch side discharge 316 SS ball valve, standard, and 3-way forklift access with a 42″ L x 48″ W base.

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