330 Gallon Wide Mouth Ultratainer IBC Tote

  • UN/DOT Compliant UN 31H1 / HM-181E
  • Combined Strength and Versatility of Cylinder and Cube Shapes
  • 1.9 Specific Gravity for 15.8 lbs/gal Liquids
  • Pressure Tested to 14.7 PSI (101 kPa)
  • Heavy Duty, Rotomolded High Density Polyethylene
  • 20” Manway Opening with 22” Threaded Widemouth Lid and 6″ Center Lid
  • Built-In, Recessed 2” Quick Connect Ball Valve w/ Dust Cap and Lanyard
  • Cross-Directional Forklift / Pallet Jack Access
  • Various Customization Options



Wide Mouth Ultratainer IBC tanks are reusable shipping, storage, and application containers built for long-term service and use with liquid solutions, semi-solid materials, and granulated type commodities. The Wide Mouth Ultratainer IBC is the ultimate in IBC versatility, accessibility, cleanability, and long term reusability. Wide Mouth Ultratainers are all-plastic, high-density polyethylene, heavy duty containers with a 1.9 specific gravity rating suitable for up to 15.8 lbs/gal cargo.

The Wide Mouth Ultratainer features a round bottom cylindrical tank within a cubical protection frame. This unique engineering combines the structural strength and benefits of a cylinder container with the organization and handling capabilities of a pallet shaped product. The inner, cylinder-shaped tank is free of any ridges, grooves, or corners that improves ease of cleaning, inspection, recertification, effectively lowering company costs.

Wide Mouth Ultratainers provide a superior cost-to-service-life ratio as they are highly reusable, heavy duty work containers with a long and useful lifespan. A Wide Mouth Ultratainer IBC is ideally optimized for industries, suppliers, production and distribution companies that rely on their product arriving secure, uncontaminated, and without loss.

Build and Certifications

Wide Mouth Ultratainer IBCs are available in 220 gallon, 275 gallon, and 330 gallon volume storage capacity. The totes are rotational mold manufactured from premium FDA compliant high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic for compatibility with many common chemicals, liquids, consumables, and materials frequently transported and handled across modern industries. Wide Mouth Ultratainer IBC tanks are ANSI/NSF/CAN 61 certified for food grade materials, consumable quality ingredients, products, and potable grade cargo, applications, and systems.

Wide Mouth Ultratainer IBCs are CFR compliant, UN/DOT 31H1 labeled, and IMDG certified containers approved for transit by highway, by rail, and by sea in maritime vessels. They are UN/DOT approved for hazardous and non-hazardous, Packing Group II and III cargo and materials. Wide Mouth Ultratainer IBCs can be used to transport, store, and distribute corrosive acids, caustic bases, solvents, oxidizers, alcohols, esters, and amines that are compatible with high-density polyethylene.


The main feature difference of a Wide Mouth Ultratainer is the extra large manway that allows superior access to the container interior. The widemouth opening improves the IBC’s use in mixing, blending, and batching and improves the totes ability to be inspected, cleaned, and recertified for use.

Wide Mouth Ultratainer IBCs feature a 20” manway with a 22” heavy duty threaded cap with 2” SII vacuum pressure relief vent and 6″ center fill cap. Wide Mouth Ultratainer IBC tanks feature a domed bottom, recess-protected 2” NPT male quick connect ball valve standard for use with camlock quick connect couplers for optimal drainage and making quick, easy connections.

Wide Mouth Ultratainer IBCs are stackable, feature a built-in top protector with alignment lugs for stability and security when stacking IBCs. The stackable design promotes organization, saves space, improves transportation, storage, handling, and allows for modular setups, integration into applications, and gravity-feed systems.

Wide Mouth Ultratainer IBCs have a 46” wide by 46” long pallet-style base with 4-way access channels for maneuvering the container by forklift or pallet jack. Tanks are semi-translucent, feature molded-in volume level gallon markings, and are UV stabilized to prevent sunlight damage for outdoor use and storage.

Wide Mouth Ultratainer IBC tanks are manufactured by Snyder Industries in the USA and supported by a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Fold-Away, Retractable Combination Lifting Lugs for Crane and Hoist Capability
  • Anti-Teeter Crossbars for Improved Stability During Forklift, Pallet Jack Handling
  • Cleaning Head Assembly
  • Vacuum Pressure / Relief Valves
  • Full Sanitary Connections
  • Heavy Weight Model Rated for 62 PSI (428 kPa)
  • Ultratainer IBC Tote Colors: Blue (Standard), Red, Yellow, etc.
  • Company Personal Branding Option


Ultratainer IBC Tote Product Brochure
Ultratainer Product Brochure

Additional information

Weight 335 lbs
Dimensions 46 × 46 × 70 in


Manufactured In

United States


4 Way Cross-Directional Forklift Channels

Freight Class


Gallon Indicators


Gallon Capacity

330 Gallon


Snyder Industries





Stacking Capability




UV Inhibitors


Max Temperature (°F)


Specific Gravity



20" Threaded Vented Manway


2" PP Female NPT Bulkhead Fitting


2" Ball Valve


BPA Free, UN / DOT, UN31H1

Manufacturer Warranty

2 Years

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