330 Gallon Rebottled IBC Tote

330 Gallon Rebottled Caged IBC
  • New Tank & Refurbished Cage
  • Food Grade Safe for Potable Water & Drinking
  • 6″ Lid & 2″ Ball Valve w/ Male Coupler
  • Great for Forklifts, 4-Way Access
  • UV Stabilized Plastic
  • BPA Free & NSF61



330 gallon rebottled IBC containers are increased volume poly caged totes. They are rebottled with a new internal tank supported by a reconditioned galvanized steel cage, cleaned, inspected, and certified for continued permitted transport under UN/DOT regulations. The 330 rebottled caged totes’ new tank is blow-mold fabricated from food grade, BPA free, FDA-approved, UV-stabilized virgin polyethylene that also meets ANSI and NSF 61 requirements for drinking/potable water usage systems.

These 330 gallon rebottled totes are manufactured to handle up to 1.9 specific gravity fluids. Their new bottles are constructed from high density polyethylene (HDPE), which is a durable and resistant industrial-grade thermoplastic commonly utilized across industries and products. Caged IBC totes’ use of HDPE produces a container with cargo versatility and that expresses resistance against chemical corrosion as well as environmental damages, such as rust. 330 gallon rebottled IBCs feature a protective steel cage and integrated pallet base with 4 way multi-directional access for increased mobility and organization. Caged IBCs are stackable up to their designated stacking test load.

Rebottled caged IBC totes are UN/DOT approved for the handling and transit of non hazardous and hazardous materials belonging to packing groups II and III. 330 gallon caged IBCs are suited for use with solid to liquid cargo and commodities. Common cargo for these totes includes: sand, water, chemicals including some acids and caustics, agriculture materials, paint and construction mixtures, pharmaceutical drug ingredients, intermediates, syrups, some oils and greases, some petrochemical industry chemicals and products, food industry consumables, dyes, waste water, process by products.

Rebottled 330  gallon caged totes have base dimensions near common pallets, measuring 48”L x 40”W. The IBC has a cubical design to promote integration and handling organization. 330 gallon rebottled IBCs feature a 6” top screw cap, self-venting lid, and a 2” discharge ball valve equipped with a camlock coupler for quick disconnect.

Additional information

Weight 155 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 53 in


Manufactured In

United States


4 Way Cross-Directional Forklift Channels

Freight Class


Gallon Indicators


Gallon Capacity

330 Gallon


IBC Tanks



Stacking Capability

3 High



UV Inhibitors


Specific Gravity



6" Threaded Lid


2" Drain Valve w/ Male Quick Disconnect Coupler


BPA Free, FDA Approved, NSF61

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