550 Gallon IBC Totes

550 Gallon IBC Tote Information

IBC Tanks offers full, hard-bodied plastic (HDPE) and metal alloy (carbon and stainless steel) intermediate bulk containers at 550 gallon capacities. 550 gallons is the largest available IBC capacity we offer while maintaining UN/DOT shipping permits and labels.

The Megatainer, poly 550 gallon IBC is the industry’s largest all plastic bulk handling container permitted for the transport of non-hazardous and hazardous Packing Group II and III materials. Megatainers are heavy-duty containers well-suited for many industries’ harshest chemicals as well as mild and inert goods.

Carbon and stainless steel 550 gallon IBCs offer significant volume in the durability of a metal alloy IBC tote tank. Metal IBCs are versatile, long-service containers that provide a reliable option for many industry applications with the potential for extensive reusability. From chemicals and petroleum to consumer food ingredients, products, and beverages, 550 gallon metal IBCs offer one of the most efficient and effective solutions to onsite bulk handling, direct use applications, and transit network shipping.

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