IBCs by Application

Find your IBCs by application, job or work type. Intermediate bulk containers (known as IBCs, IBC totes, IBC tanks or pallet tanks) are ideally selected for use by the intended work case and IBC model. IBCs are made from either rigid HDPE plastic, stainless steel metal, carbon steel metal, or the common composite steel and plastic caged tote. These different material types are used to make different IBC models and styles that are more effective and well suited for some applications over others.

Available pallet tanks come in Caged, Standard, Premium, Excalibur, Ultratainer, Widemouth, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Supertainer, Voyager, Voyager XL and Megatainer tote model types. Gallon volume capacities range from 110 gallons up to 550 gallons. The 275 gallon and 330 gallon IBC totes are the most commonly used. Lid sizes are 6”, 6.5”, 7”, 18”, 20” and 22 1/2 inches. Standard drain ports are 2 inch outlet ball valves with various IBC tote valves and couplers available for replacement. Individual IBC tote specifications will vary by the select IBC model type.

The best IBC tote type for your individual use will best match its job by verifying and ensuring:

    • Compatibility with the IBC chemical or material cargo
    • Total gallon or volume need
    • Possible environmental or chemical corrosion
    • Likelihood of physical damage or other hazards
    • Extent of expected weather exposure
    • The desired reusability of the IBC container
    • IBC total stacking compatibility
    • Width of lid or mouth opening
    • IBC height and pallet base dimensions
    • 2 way, 3 way or 4 way fork lift accessibility

IBCs by Application

IBCTanks has sorted our IBCs for sale by job category and the IBCs best suited for that use. We offer the following IBCs by application:

New and used IBC totes ideal for customization and use in aquaponics for plants, rainwater collection, fish tanks, filters, sump tanks and more.

IBC models and styles engineered for use with modern chemicals and material substances from acids to bases, organic to inorganic solvents, liquids to solids.

IBC tote caddy systems with motorized pump and hose for full DEF handling and transport well suited for all diesel powered applications.

FDA approved, ANSI and NSF certified IBC containers proven safe and effective for handling materials and ingredients intended for consumption.

Metal alloy and rigid plastic IBC totes ideal for applications that need to handle, transport or distribute fuel type materials and combustibles.

New and rebottled IBC totes great for bulk storage and dispensing of hand sanitizing solutions for disinfection to meet healthcare needs and regulations.

Inclusive collection of intermediate bulk containers intended for achieving the utmost control, integration and handling of liquid materials across liquid based applications.

Resilient metal type IBC tanks manufactured and designed for the harsh working conditions, commodities and materials associated with off shore platforms.

IBC containers designed and dedicated for applications centered around the transport, handling and refining of oil and gas type resources and commodities.

Cost effective rebottled IBC totes that are ideal for collecting, storing and delivering rainwater collected from rainwater harvesting systems.

IBC tanks approved per ANSI / NSF 61 for potable water and FDA certified BPA free for top of the line water handling, storage and transport.

Food grade, high quality stainless steel metal IBC tanks ideal for wineries and vineyards as fermentation containers, product storage and delivery.

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