Caged IBC Totes

Caged IBC Totes

Steel caged, polyethylene IBC totes are versatile, high mobility containers designed for the effective handling, use, and transport of liquid to solid materials. Caged IBC totes are engineered for portability. Their internal plastic tank is structurally protected by a rigid, galvanized steel frame that features an integrated shipping pallet base for IBC maneuverability access.

Caged IBC tanks provide a cost-effect handling solution for industries needing to transport bulk quantities of hazardous or non-hazardous commodities. They are DOT/UN 31HA1/Y designed, tested, and approved for Packing Group II and III materials. Caged totes are manufactured in 275 gallon and 330 gallon volumes and rated for up to 1.9 specific gravity fluids. Caged IBCs are suitable for transport, handling operations involving chemicals, corrosives, acids, and caustics.

Caged IBC Tote Options

Caged IBC totes are available in new, rebottled, and reconditioned options.

  • New caged IBC totes are new and have never seen service before. New IBCs are the highest priced option but carry the benefit of being an entirely new product.
  • Rebottled caged IBCs have newly manufactured replacement inner HDPE totes. The outer protective cage has seen prior use but has been refurbished and inspected to industry quality and design standards. Rebottle caged IBCs are intermediately priced.
  • Reconditioned IBC totes have previously used inner HDPE bottles and steel frames. Reconditioned IBCs undergo regulation-based cleaning and inspection to ensure they meet and exceed requirements for use. Note, reconditioned IBC totes are not approved for potable water and consumables due to prior use. This option is the least expensive caged IBC model.

Caged IBC Manufacturing

These composite IBCs are manufactured from FDA certified, BPA free food grade virgin high density polyethylene (HDPE) that is ANSI / NSF 61 approved for potable water and food grade applications. Ultraviolet (UV) inhibitors are included in manufacture, which provides tank resistance to sunlight degradation, making them fully effective for indoor, outdoor applications. The exterior frame is constructed from galvanized steel to resist rust and promote IBC stability, strength, and impact resilience.

Caged IBCs are manufactured from industrial strength materials through modern technological processes. IBCs are easy to use, sturdy, durable, and can handle the stresses of shipping and wide-scale use. They are appropriate for industry, business transport, distributors, end user, and wholesaler applications.

Caged IBC Tote Applications

Caged IBC totes see increased use in water transport, food industry handling of syrups and granulated, powdered products, bulk chemicals, and petrochemical products including solvents, adhesives, and detergents. They are used for flowing liquids, some solids, and granular materials such as pharmaceuticals, plastic granules, sand, and agricultural chemicals.

Caged IBC Characteristics and Advantages

Chemicals and other commodities that can be potentially damaged by heat, air, or water can be protected from these environmental conditions. Such commodities can be safely transported in caged IBCs without experiencing harmful degradation. Products can be stored with limited risk and minimized wastage through potential leaks, spills, and overflows.

Caged IBC totes are effective material transport containers engineered to handle greater volumes of commodities in a more maneuverable, space-saving shape and volume. In comparison to drum containers, a single 275 gallon caged IBC is the equivalent of five 55 gallon drums. IBC totes are cube shaped, making them easy to organize, stack, load, and arrange. Caged IBCs are palletized, with an integrated skid designed to standard pallet sizes for ease of use, shipping, and familiar operation. IBCs have a traditional footprint around 40″ wide and 45″ long.

These intermediate bulk containers are lighter than other IBC models. The HDPE liner is translucent to allow easy liquid gauging. The integrated pallet bottom is engineered with a four way forklift and pallet jack channel providing multi-directional access for simplified and convenient maneuverability. All IBCs are stackable and empty caged IBCs can be stacked three high.

IBC Tanks | The IBC Tote Authority

All available caged IBCs totes are offered with standard specifications, featuring 6″ threaded top fill ports and 2″ bottom drain ball valves with male quick disconnect couplers. Additional equipment available for caged IBCs include dispensing nozzles with associated plumbing to provide simplified and effective distribution of the IBC’s internal contents.

IBC Tanks is the industry authority for intermediate bulk containers. We offer extra discounts for large quantity bulk orders. Contact us for product details, bulk pricing, and all your general IBC tank questions.

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