Carbon Steel IBC Totes

Carbon Steel IBC Totes

Carbon steel IBC tanks are robust metal bulk containers manufactured for the reusable, durable handling of flammable, combustible, hazardous, and non-hazardous materials from liquids to solids. Carbon steel IBCs are provided in capacities from 110 gallons to 550 gallons to meet various needs, product densities, weights, and specifications. Carbon steel is a metal alloy of carbon and iron, offering a light weight and less expensive alternative to stainless steel IBC tanks.

Carbon Steel IBC Transport and Handling Design Standards

Carbon steel IBCs are approved for the long term handling and storage of flammables and combustibles per NFPA and UL142 requirements. They are DOT/UN 31A/Y certified per Title 49 CFR for Packing Group II and III materials. Carbon steel IBCs are approved for motor, rail, air, and cargo vessel transport.

Carbon Steel IBC Characteristics and Advantages

Carbon steel tanks are extremely durable as well as resistant to the corrosive effects of many commonly used chemicals. Their strength and characteristics make carbon IBCs versatile across applications. Primary steel IBC uses are in oil, solvents, and lubricants, also seeing use for water treatment chemicals, paints, coatings, dyes, cleaning and sanitation chemicals, as well as commodities associated with the pharmaceutical, petroleum, and food industries.

These metal IBC tanks are highly reusable, promote easy product filling and dispensing, and can be 100% recycled at the end of their long service life, minimizing disposal wastes. Carbon steel IBCs require little maintenance other than internal, post-product cleaning. They have long service lives, making them cost effective potentially long term assets.

Carbon Steel IBC Usage Specifications

Portable carbon steel totes are equipped with 2″ bungs for quick filling procedures, a 3″ vent cap for automatic pressure release, and a 22 1/2″ detachable manway cover that allows full interior access for mixing and cleaning or other procedures. Carbon steel IBCs feature one piece hopper bottoms with 2″ stainless outlet ball valves for near total product draining. Standard gaskets are made from EPDM.

They feature 1/4″ combination lifting lugs with a 10% over shackle diameter and 25% over jaw gap to meet standard requirements for domestic and offshore transport. Carbon steel IBCs have three way forklift, pallet jack access channels for multi directional mobility. They are stackable to three high given tank sizes and surroundings.

Customized Carbon Steel IBC Tanks

Carbon steel IBCs can be customized on an application need basis. Customizable options are available for certain tank material, weld finishes, for different tank capacities and base sizes, heating and cooling options, tank discharge locations, sight levels, and various options for fittings, valves, and pressure / vacuum vent reliefs.

Contact IBC Tanks with your carbon steel tote questions or to request custom manufacture or design options.

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