Carbon Steel IBC Specifications

The following table compiles the specifications, dimensions and weight by gallon capacity for carbon steel IBC tanks. When shopping for the right container for a specific application, it is often necessary to compare the specs of your available options. This chart aims to streamline and simplify this process for industry professionals and assist in selecting the proper or best IBC tank for the job. 

Carbon Steel IBC Specs: Dimensions and Weight by Capacity and Brand

Capacity Length Width Height Weight Brand
110 Gallons 42 in 48 in 20 in 165 lbs Transtore
180 Gallons 42 in 48 in 29 in 270 lbs Transtore
250 Gallons 42 in 48 in 35 in 375 lbs Transtore
300 Gallons 42 in 48 in 41 in 450 lbs Transtore
350 Gallons 42 in 48 in 47 in 525 lbs Transtore
450 Gallons 42 in 48 in 59 in 675 lbs Transtore

*Weights are approximate and may vary due to variations in product manufacturing, product options, and customization requests. 

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