Chemical IBC Totes

IBC Totes Compatible with Chemical Operations and Systems

Excalibur Chemical Totes

Excalibur IBC Tanks are thick walled high density polyethylene totes meeting Title 49 CFR requirements and DOT/UN certifications for Packing Group II and Packing Group III hazardous, non-hazardous materials. Excalibur IBCs are available in 120 gallon and 330 gallon capacity rated to 1.35 SG and a 330 gallon capacity rated to 1.9 SG. They are rotationally molded, portable and extensively reusable handling, storage, and transport tanks. As an alternative to caged IBC totes, Excalibur IBCs are a stronger, all plastic option with minimized maintenance concerns. They are widely used for both chemicals and food grade liquids.

Excalibur totes are manufactured from quality HDPE resin to a 1/2″ external wall thickness that is more than double the poly thickness of caged IBCs. This increased poly thickness promotes reusability as well as resistance and durability against corrosion, impacts, and punctures. Excalibur tanks have lengthy service lives and great reusability, making them cost effective, long term assets in material handling not subject to the same replacement costs of caged IBCs. They are fabricated with a 6″ heavy duty cap, an automatic pressure relief vent, and a 2″ bottom drain valve with quick disconnect. Excalibur IBCs have four way access channels for fork lift and pallet jack maneuverability and are stackable. The tanks feature stacking lugs to assist in stacking and promote stability.

Ultratainer Chemical IBCs

Ultratainer IBC Tanks are increasingly versatile, durable, and long service lasting intermediate bulk containers. Ultratainers are available in 220 gallon to 330 gallon capacities and rated to 1.9 SG, the equivalent of 15.2 lbs./gal. They are roto molded from industrial strength HDPE resin and certified per FDA, ANSI / NSF 61, and Title 49 CFR requirements. They are qualified per UN/DOT regulations for Packing Group II and III materials, making Ultratainers fully certified for the reusable handling of dense and corrosive chemicals, hazardous and non-hazardous, potable and food grade bulk cargo. Ultratainer IBCs report one of the longest and most respected industry service lives of IBC tanks. They are heavily utilized across industries and users from manufacturers, producers, distributors, wholesalers, suppliers, and end users.

Ultratainer IBC tanks feature a unique IBC architecture. They are constructed with a 1/2″ thick HDPE internal cylindrical storage tank that is molded within an integrated, structurally supportive square frame, effectively providing the benefits of each design. These multipurpose, reusable and fully portable totes are completely molded from high density polyethylene into a single unit. The cylindrical storage tank promotes tank strength and stability, increases tank pressure capacity, and promotes cleaning and flushing of tank contents by providing a uniform sidewall. The square frame removes the handling difficulties and packaging inconsistencies of a cylindrical shape by retaining the cubical design of IBCs. This cubical shape is significantly easier to maneuver, ship, stack, and store. The square frame extends above the tank’s top ports to function as a top protector against damages.

Basic Ultratainer IBCs are fitted with a 6″ fill cap with security tether, 3 replaceable 2″ bungs, and external molded-in gallonage markers. Full drainage is supported by the Ultratainer’s domed tank bottom and 2″ ball drain valve. Options for Ultratainer customization include sanitary valves and fittings, cleaning head assemblages, retractable top lifting lugs, and anti teeter bars. All Ultratainers feature four way access channels for forklifts and pallet jacks. Ultratainer IBCs are available in standard, heavy weight, and wide mouth models. Heavy weight models are constructed to withstand pressures up to 62 psi (428 KPa) for greater pressure handling requirements.

Widemouth Ultratainer

Wide Mouth Ultratainer IBCs retain the features of standard Ultratainer IBC tanks but are manufactured with a 20″ top opening and 22″ threaded cap and gasket for quick and easy access, handling, and tightening. The extended tank opening provides greater access for cleaning, drying, and inspections.

Megatainer Chemical Containers

Megatainer IBC Tanks offer the industry’s largest capacity for portable, reusable, and versatile HDPE IBC totes. Megatainers have a 550 gallon capacity and 1.9 specific gravity rating to provide a 66% greater payload capacity. Megatainer IBC totes are uniquely engineered to promote productivity and decrease packing and shipping costs through effective utilization of product weight, its handling, and valuable dimension space.

Megatainer IBCs are fabricated from quality virgin HDPE resin that meets or exceeds FDA and ANSI / NSF 61 requirements for food grade and potable water use, and Title 49 CFRs as UN/DOT freight for hazardous and non-hazardous Packing Group II and Packing Group III materials. They are rotationally molded to 1/2″ thick structural walls with integrated support ribs, making Megatainer IBCs suitable for numerous and extensive reuse in the handling, transport, and storage of harsh corrosives, sensitive products, and inert commodities.

Megatainers feature a low profile, horizontal design that:

  1. Allows easy access to tank top and bottom ports, and;
  2. Promotes product filling and dispensing.

Megatainer IBCs are fabricated with 6.5″ fill caps with a security tether, one 2″ replaceable threaded bung, a 2″ full port drain valve and coupler, and EPDM gaskets as standard. The IBCs feature stacking alignment lugs for secure stacking in storage and gravity fill applications. The stacking lugs are appropriate for other IBC models also.

Megatainer IBCs are available in two models: standard and LX. Standard Megatainer tanks are manufactured with top lifting lugs for easy lifting by crane or other hoist equipment. Megatainer LX totes come without lifting lugs and are solely maneuverable by forklift. Both Megatainer models feature 4 way forklift and pallet jack accessibility for handling versatility.

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We offer intermediate bulk containers compatible for an extensive list of chemical operations. Chemical IBCs, both polyethylene and metal, are capable of many customization options. Contact us today for more details concerning custom IBC fabrication, company logo and appearance, or for information about bulk order discounts.

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