Food Grade IBC Totes

Food Grade IBC Tote Information

Food grade intermediate bulk containers are fabricated from materials that have been regulation and code certified for consumable, food grade applications. These IBCs are designed for the high mobility handling of bulk liquids, semi solids, powdered food, food syrups, full solids, granulated goods, among others. All have been manufactured to ensure the hygiene quality standards of food industry manufacturing and processing, flavors and fragrances, and beverage industry handling and production. Some models are ideal for active mixing, blending, distillation, or fermentation. All IBCs except steel caged totes are engineered for long term, extensive reuse, making them cost effective company assets.

We offer food grade IBCs in capacities from 110 gallons to 550 gallons. All are rated for 1.9 specific gravity fluids, with a single 1.35 SG option offered in Excalibur totes. Our line of food grade IBCs are manufactured in the USA from industrial grade stainless steel and virgin HDPE that is FDA approved, BPA free, and ANSI / NSF 61 certified for potable, drinking, consumable use.

We offer the following food grade IBC totes:

Food Grade IBC Design Standards, Manufacturing Approvals

Food grade IBC tanks are DOT/UN approved for the handling, storage, and transport of hazardous, non-hazardous Packing Group II and Packing Group III commodities. Our food grade containers have been manufactured and certified to meet or exceed the requirement standards of Title 49 CFR, Section 178 and IMDG codes for domestic and offshore operations. Our metal IBCs are approved for long term combustible and flammable storage by NFPA 30, Section 9.4.1 (1) and UL 142.

High density polyethylene food grade IBC tanks can make excellent choices for consumable based applications. Our food grade HDPE IBC totes also include UV inhibitors to prevent the harmful degradation that can occur from sun exposure.

IBC tank fabrication materials, gaskets, caps and valves can be selected or manufactured to comply with Title 21 CFRs 177.1520, 177.2600, 178.3297, and/or 178.2010 on request to further suit specific food quality standards.

Food Grade IBC Characteristics

We offer food grade intermediate bulk containers suitable for the multitude of food and beverage industry applications. IBC totes make excellent additions to any upstream, midstream or downstream procedures in logistics for wholesalers, distributors, marketers, suppliers, manufacturers, producers, and end-users.

Food grade IBC tanks guarantee cargo integrity due to the engineering of the container. Food grade IBCs are designed to be impermeable against outside contaminates, meaning articles such as water, dust, moisture and other liquids and particles cannot reach the inside product. Their design ensures product purity and stability and effectively provides dependable, consistent packaging and storage for food grade commodities.

Handling and Transport Characteristics

All food grade HDPE IBCs excluding caged totes have UN / DOT markings that have been molded into the sidewall to increase their long term permanence and readability. Also excluding caged IBCs, HDPE food grade totes can have company and/or product information molded to the tank on request.

All food grade IBC totes can be stacked. The engineering behind IBC stacking increases handling, storing, and transport efficiency. IBC stacking also allows gravity-based product dispensing and other system integration applications. All food grade IBCs are capable of withstanding pressures potentially associated with various product handling through automatic vacuum vents that self-operate when internal pressures near 0.25 PSIG.

Advantages of Food Grade IBCs

The advantages associated with food grade IBC tote engineering offers potential benefits to the consumables industry. IBCs can increase overall productivity through increased mobilization, large volume containerization, and accessibility. They also can decrease operation costs through reducing labor, product loss, shipping quantities, and by functioning as reusable, long term company assets.

When compared to the standard drum container, food grade IBC totes carry significant benefits that make them more cost effective and overall better choices for consumable based operations. One 275 gallon IBC replaces five 55 gallon drums in volume but can be maneuvered in a single trip by a single piece of equipment. IBCs are cube-shaped, which makes them easier than cylindrical-shaped drums to organize together, stack, fill, and load. IBC size dimensions are intentionally set around international pallet size standards to allow easy integration and wide acceptance of these handling containers.

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IBC Tanks is a leading provider of food grade IBCs manufactured in North America. Food grade IBC production occurs according to governing regulations, codes, and standards utilizing only modern equipment and materials.

Our pricing leads the competition for food grade IBCs, and is extended by wholesale, bulk order IBC discounts. Contact us for assistance with your IBC questions or for custom fabrication requests.

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