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Compatible Fuel Handling IBC Containers

Compatible and reliable containers to handle raw fuel resources, its derivatives, or final products. IBC Tanks is an industry-leading provider of metal intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) fully certified and engineered for fuel handling scenarios.

Container specifications, approvals, and recommendations include the Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) requirements, the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), and the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) code and standards. UL 142 approved IBC containers can be provided on request with additional options and configurations.

Fuel IBCs are multi-purpose, versatile containers with specialized engineering. Tanks range in volume from 110 gallons up to 550 gallons with 793 gallon models available on special request. Fuel totes are compatible with energy production commodities intended for various vehicles and/or engine combustion applications where example materials include petroleum, natural oil, gasoline, biodiesel, and refinery products.

IBC Tanks offers fuel IBCs fabricated from carbon steel and stainless steel. These materials and the container engineering meet and/or exceed the regulatory guidelines required for the handling of hazardous, flammable, and/or combustible fuel products. We offer the ability to customize our tanks in their design, accessories, and options to further match specific use case needs.

The collective engineering and design standards of our fuel IBCs approve them for the bulk domestic and offshore handling of combustible fuels as well as associated chemicals, byproducts, resources and intermediates. Fuel IBCs are UN/DOT approved for road transport by truck or trailer, by railway, and by marine vessel for Packing Group II and III listed materials.

Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel Fuel IBC Specs

Metal fuel IBCs are made from stainless steel or carbon steel alloys with proven resistance and durability highly suited for fuel applications. Stainless steel (SS) IBCs are the most resilient and long term reusable option for the harsh fluids, chemicals, and environments common in fuel, refinery, and distribution applications. Stainless steel IBCs are manufactured from 304 grade, 10 gauge stainless steel. 316 grade SS is available on request.

Carbon steel fuel IBCs are manufactured from mild carbon steel and offer reliable resistance to petroleum-based commodities. Similar to SS, carbon steel IBCs are highly suited for reusable, extended fuel applications but can be potentially susceptible to environmental corrosive effects over time, such as from sea water.

Both stainless steel and carbon steel IBC containers hold the greatest number of design approvals among available IBC models. Fuel IBC design approvals include NFPA 30 recommendation for Class IB flammables, Class II & III combustibles, CFR Title 49 and Title 21, UN/DOT transit permits, and IMDG for maritime handling.

Metal intermediate bulk containers feature an automatic pressure release vent, large 22″ manway, a 2″ 316 SS discharge valve, combination lifting lugs, integrated 3 way forklift access for scenario handling requirements and stacking, and a sloped tank interior to promote full release of cargo contents.

Industries and Applications for Fuel IBCs

Fuel IBC containers are used in the petrochemical and oil industry for the handling of raw and refined fuel products. They often see use in the handling and transfer of crude oil and refined petrol-products such as gasoline, diesel fuel, biodiesel fuel blends, and jet and helicopter fuel.

The energy production industry uses IBC containers for their unique engineering that improves resource acquisition, retention, distribution, storage and capacity, and limits contamination and spills. The ability to be directly integrated into application processes and connected to system equipment is one of the leading advantages in IBC selection.

Our IBCs are a primary choice for handling many of the liquids required in petroleum resourcing, oil and gas refineries, subterranean well fields, offshore operations, and product suppliers. This is due to their increased volume over common drum containers, their engineered design that increases handling, organization, shipping and integration, as well as their ease of use, efficiency, reusability, and long term service potential.

IBC Tanks | Your IBC Tote Authority

IBC Tanks is your IBC tote authority and all-inclusive shop for fuel use IBC containers. We proudly offer best-in-class IBCs guaranteed and built in the USA by North America’s leading manufacturers: Snyder Industries and Custom MetalCraft.

With over 25 years experience, IBC Tanks brings extensive knowledge when it comes to intermediate bulk containers, solution handling, company logistics, the IBC industry and market. We have a nationwide distribution network that makes ordering easy and provides the fastest, lowest cost shipping available.

We are an industry leader in IBCs with the best in market prices and wholesale options available for large and/or recurring orders. Our IBC tech professionals provide some of the greatest and most reliable support in the industry. If you require assistance or have questions, use the contact details or the form below.

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