Megatainer IBC Totes

Megatainer IBC Tote Information

IBCTanks offers the industry’s largest capacity polyethylene (HDPE) intermediate bulk container: the 550 gallon Megatainer. Megatainer IBCs are uniquely designed with a reduced vertical height that promotes product filling and ease of transport. They are fabricated from food grade compatible resin FDA certified BPA free and NSF / ANSI 61 approved for potable water. Megatainers are permitted for the hazardous and non-hazardous transport of Packing Group (PG) II and III commodities as well as Class II and III flammable materials.

Megatainers are the market’s biggest IBC fabricated to 550 gallons with 1.9 specific gravity (SG) and 1/2″ thick sidewalls. They are resistant to corrosion and compatible with a wide range of harsh chemicals, strong acids, and caustic bases. They feature forkliftable bases with 4 way access and the standard model features lifting lugs for increased maneuverability. Megatainers feature 6″ threaded lids, automatic pressure relief valves, and a 2″ polypropylene (PP) Female NPT Bulkhead Fitting.

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