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IBC Tanks® Intermediate Bulk Containers

The poly caged IBC tote is a versatile, high mobility container designed for the effective handling, use, and transport of liquid materials. Caged IBC totes are engineered for portability and storage. Storage volumes include 275 gallons and 330 gallons.


Steel caged, polyethylene IBC totes are UN/DOT 31HA1/Y certified liquid handling containers engineered for transport, maneuverability, organization, and integration. The IBC totes are made from virgin grade, FDA approved high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 61 requirements for potable water applications.

High-density polyethylene and UN/DOT certification approve poly totes for shipping and handling of company liquids, compatible chemicals, and Packing Group II and III hazardous materials (hazmat).  They can be used on-site to distribute or receive commodities and shipping and distribution across regulated transit networks including road freight, railway, and maritime vessels.

The Frame

Tote frame is a reinforced, warp resistant, tubular grid made from galvanized steel that supports and protects the HDPE liner. Galvanized steel durably resists rust, physical impacts, snapping, and environmental conditions of moisture, wind, heat, and sunlight.

The Pallet

The tote pallet is a composite base made from galvanized steel and polyethylene featuring a flat metal platform that supports the IBC bottle. Four-way, cross-directional access channels allow forklift or pallet jack maneuverability from each side.

The Bottle

Tote bottle is a corrosion resistant, rust proof, chemically compatible container made from high-quality, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic. The HDPE bottle provides secure containment of the IBC cargo up to 275 gallons (1040 liters) or 330 gallons (1249 liters) of storage capacity. 

The Valve

The 2″ quick connect ball valve, standard, allows unrestricted flow and camlock coupler compatibility for reliable, easy release control of IBC contents and quick plumbing connections for requiring applications.

Poly IBC Tote Products

Why Choose Poly Cage, Composite IBC Totes


Poly cage, composite IBC totes are the cheapest of the rigid intermediate bulk container product assets, allowing ease of deployment and upgrade of existing company infrastructure, such as drum-type shipping and handling containers.


High-density polyethylene (HDPE) manufacture provides widescale compatibility with cargo and commodities across industries. Meaning an IBC container can likely be used with a company’s cargo products, chemicals, or materials.


Large volume capacity, screw cap lid, bulk discharge valve, and integrated pallet base improves workflow efficiency overall, leading to shorter work times in packaging, shipment loading, warehousing, and unloading.


Long-lasting material construction and durability affords the potential of multiple service trips or in-house operations. If the poly tote cannot be reused for one application, it can often be reused for another.


Benefits of versatility and reusability contribute to the circular economy business model through longevity of product use, repurposing, and recyclability.


Poly totes low cost and ease of deployment directly allows a company to easily and quickly scale production, workflow operations, and shipping to match a growing business and client needs in supply and demand.

New vs Rebottled vs Reconditioned IBC Totes

New Poly Totes

A new poly IBC tote is a newly manufactured product, tested and certified, and ready for immediate deployment. The brand new poly cage, composite IBC can be used for all compatible applications. New totes are the best option when needing certainty of cleanliness, suitability, durability, and when the IBC will be used long term.

New poly totes have the greatest purchase cost with the greatest potential work life of available composite tote options as none of the components have seen prior service.

Rebottled Poly Totes

A rebottled poly IBC tote, also known as a re-bladdered or re-lined IBC, is a previously used steel cage and pallet with a brand new replacement HDPE container, lid, and valve. As the HDPE container and fittings serve as the holding receptacle in-contact with the IBC cargo, these are the most important IBC components, and being brand new, are suitable for all compatible applications. The steel cage has seen prior work service and therefore may have minor scuffs and scratches, but only high-quality frames free of dents and serious damage are selected for rebottling.

Rebottled poly totes are the mid-grade cost option, are fully tested and certified, and contribute to sustainability and circularity by extending the service life of a previously used IBC frame.

Reconditioned Poly Totes

A reconditioned poly IBC tote is a used IBC container where the entire product, both inner HDPE bottle and pallet frame, has seen prior work service. Reconditioned poly totes are inspected to ensure quality and suitability for cleaning, then thoroughly cleaned, tested, and certified for sale and use. They are suitable for all compatible uses excluding potable water, food commodities, and high-purity cargo.

Reconditioned totes are the lowest cost, most environmentally friendly IBC tote option, contributing to sustainability, carbon footprint reduction, and the circular economy model as no new materials are required in their preparation for sale.

IBC Tanks Wholesale Poly Totes Option

IBC Tanks® is an industry authority and leading provider of intermediate bulk containers across the United States. Many top industries, companies, organizations, and municipalities rely on us to supply the large number of IBC totes they need. Whether the need is recurring on a monthly, quarterly, annually, or a one-time purchase, professionals rely on us to fulfill.

To tailor to our clients’ needs and large IBC quantities, IBC Tanks® encourages and provides wholesale discounts on poly caged IBC totes. IBC discounts may be available for full truck load and/or recurring orders.

Options may be limited based on availability, supply, and demand. We strive to fulfill and meet the needs of each client.

IBC Tanks® | The IBC Totes Authority

IBC Tanks® is an industry leading provider of intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) serving North America with USA made products manufactured by top-renown IBC manufacturers. For best-in-class IBC totes at best-in-market prices, choose IBC Tanks® for your company’s liquid handling needs. We have the ability to provide custom IBC totes and various configuration options available on request. If we cannot fulfill, we can help point you in the right direction.

In addition to poly cage composite totes, we offer a full line of rigid intermediate bulk containers, carbon steel IBCs, and stainless steel IBC totes.

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