Rebottled IBC Totes

Rebottled IBC Totes

Rebottled IBC totes are previously used cage model intermediate bulk containers that come with a brand new replacement bottle / liner. Rebottled IBC totes are used IBCs that feature their original galvanized steel cage and an unused container. This means only the outer protected cage of rebottled IBCs has seen prior work applications. The previously used external cage is cleaned, inspected and certified per industry standards before being approved for resale.

The new bottle is manufactured according to ANSI / NSF Standard 61 and UN / DOT requirements from FDA approved, BPA free, high density polyethylene (HDPE) resin. Rebottled IBC containers are certified for use with potable water, consumable type material applications, and UN / DOT PG II / PG III hazmat transport per UN31HA1/Y.

For a more cost effective tank not certified for drinking water, high purity, or hazmat scenarios, consider a reconditioned IBC tote.

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