Reconditioned IBC Totes

Reconditioned IBC Totes

Reconditioned IBC totes are previously used cage model intermediate bulk containers. These container types are used IBCs that feature their original bottle / liner. The reconditioned IBC tote is also known as a refurbished IBC or a used IBC tote. Reconditioned totes are fully cleaned, inspected, certified and approved for further work and applications prior to their sale listing to ensure quality and safety standards. While a reconditioned IBC tote meets the same UN / DOT engineering requirements as new IBCs, they are not recommended for hazmat transport due to their prior use.

Reconditioned, used IBC containers are initially manufactured using materials and protocols that meet ANSI / NSF Standard 61 for a high quality plastic bottle. However, they are not approved for and should not be used for potable (drinking) water use. Federal regulations prohibit reconditioned IBC tanks from drinking water applications due to being previously used and having the original liner.

Reconditioned IBCs are suitable for non-potable water use. Examples include irrigation of non-food plants, process water, wastewater and other water uses not intended for consumption. For potable water certified IBC totes, choose a rebottled IBC tank or a new IBC tank.

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