Shipping Policy

Please read this policy for your benefit. We will keep it simple.

1. You should be present at delivery. Tanks are larger than typical consumer goods and require inspection at delivery. They often require coordination of delivery between the customer and the shipping carrier. We recommend tracking your shipment daily and being prepared to receive your tank at the scheduled delivery time.

2. Always inspect your tank before officially receiving shipment. Do not feel pressured or rushed by the shipping carrier during the inspection process. It is normal for tanks to have a few marks or scruffs from loading and unloading, but there shouldn’t be any impact damage or physical defect that would implicate the holding and transporting of liquids in your tote. If the tank isn’t in good shape, then tell the carrier you will not receive it in this condition.

Example: You order a tank from us, we ship it from one of our locations using a third party freight carrier. Once the freight carrier arrives at your location, you should inspect the tank before receiving shipment. If it is wrapped in plastic, you may remove it. If you see an issue with the tank, tell the freight carrier that you can not receive the shipment in this condition (try and take a picture) and that you will contact the shipper (us).

3. Because we ship freight, we do not guarantee delivery within 5 days (as an example). Our delivery typically ranges from 5 to 12 days depending on how big your order is. If you are needing tanks immediately or guaranteed within a certain time, such as 7 days, then speak to one of our sales employees. We expect nearly all deliveries to occur before 10 business days.

4. Speak to one of our employees if you would like to ship on your own freight account.

5. If you have further questions please email or call us. Learn about IBC specifications and read IBC frequently asked questions.

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