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Snyder Industries Intermediate Bulk Containers

IBC Tanks provides for purchase intermediate bulk containers produced by Snyder Industries, Inc. Snyder intermediate bulk containers are top industry products in material quality, application versatility, and total operation performance. Snyder IBCs set the standard for IBC production through modern equipment, technology, and engineering know-how due to 55 years’ experience within plastic materials and manufacture. These versatile IBCs are well suited for the handling and transport of bulk solid to liquid materials, chemicals, commercial and manufacturing products, industry intermediates and production commodities. Snyder IBCs are available at the following specifications:

IBC Type Base Dimension Range  Volume Capacity Price Range
Standard Square Stackable 45″L x 45″W x 34″H to 45″L x 45″W x 61’’H  120, 220, 275, 330 Gallons $760 to $900
Premium Square Stackable 45″L x 45″W x 36.5″H to 45″L x 45″W x 63.5″H 120, 220, 275, 330 Gallons $830 to $1,000
Widemouth Square Stackable 45″L x 45″W x 44″H to 45″L x 45″W x 63.5″H 220, 275, 330 Gallons $900 to $1,200
Ultratainer 46″L x 46″W x 54″H to 46″L x 46″W x 70″H 220, 275, 330 Gallons $1,300 to $1,500
Widemouth Ultratainer 46″L x 46″W x 54″H to 46″L x 46″W x 70″H 220, 275, 330 Gallons $1,500 to $1,700
Excalibur 42″L x 42″W x 32″H to 47″L x 47″W x 52″H 120, 330 Gallons $620 to $830
Megatainer (LX) 81″L x 48″W x 60″H 550 Gallons $2,700 ($2,000)

Engineering and Design Approvals

Snyder IBCs are fully engineered according to governmental regulations, Title 49 CFRs, and meet UN/DOT permitting requirements for handling hazardous, non-hazardous Packing Group II or III materials. Following manufacture, all Snyder IBCs undergo the required product testing and performance quality standards.

Snyder IBCs are fabricated from FDA certified, BPA free high density polyethylene (HDPE) virgin resin and meet ANSI / NSF 61 approvals for potable water systems. HDPE IBCs are produced through rotational mold engineering to generate a seamless, thicker, durable container that is more resistant to cracks, impacts, and corrosion than other manufacturing methods. Plastic IBCs have added UV inhibitors for extended outdoor service life.

Snyder Custom Tank Fabrication

Snyder Industries has extensive performance experience in the fabrication of plastic containers and IBC totes. With their expertise, Snyder can produce intermediate bulk containers that have been fully customized according to a customer’s design or specification requests. Example of available IBC customization options:

  • IBC Total Scheme Color
  • Company Branding with Logo, Markings
  • Lid, Manway Type, Position, Size
  • Inlet, Outlet Dimensions
  • Tank Head Type Open, Closed
  • Container Shape, Dimensions

IBC Tanks  |  The IBC Tote Authority

Should you have questions concerning Snyder Industry IBCs or to request custom IBC fabrication or further information, contact us today.

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