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TranStore Intermediate Bulk Containers

IBC Tanks offers TranStore intermediate bulk containers for sell manufactured by Custom MetalCraft, Inc. With over 40 years manufacturing experience, Custom MetalCraft specializes in professional craftsmanship of durable, long-lasting metal and plastic containers under the brand name TranStore. TranStore intermediate bulk containers are manufactured from stainless steel as well as from high density polyethylene. Transtore carbon steel IBCs are not available at this time, we currently offer Snyder’s Supertainer carbon steel IBCs. Custom MetalCraft IBCs are fabricated, qualified, and certified for many uses and industries, and are available with the following specifications:

IBC Type Base Dimension Range  Volume Capacity Price Range
Stainless Steel 42″L x 48″W x 20″H to 42″L x 48″W x 71″H 110 up to 550 Gallons $3,300+ to $4,600+
Voyager XL 49″L x 57″W x 90.25″H 535 Gallons $2,000+

TranStore Metal IBCs

Stainless steel alloy is a strong, versatile, and largely resistant metal utilized in the manufacture of superior intermediate bulk containers. TranStore metal IBCs are produced according to Title 49 CFRs and UN/DOT requirements for transit by freight truck, rail, air, and maritime cargo vessels. UN/DOT labels permit metal IBCs UN31A/Y for non-hazardous and hazardous shipping of packing group II and III commodities. Stainless steel metal IBCs also carry NFPA Section 30 recommendations for the long term use and storage of flammable and combustible materials. UL 142 approved IBC containers can be provided on request with additional options and configurations.

TranStore’s metal IBCs are well suited for and often employed within petrochemical energy, oil and gas applications as well as use within the food, pharmaceutical, beverage, and aviation industries due to their corrosion resistance, material compatibility, and food grade standard capabilities.

TranStore Plastic IBCs

Custom MetalCraft’s polyethylene IBCs are manufactured according to the industry’s standards for plastic materials to be used within water, chemical, and food grade use scenarios. Poly IBC fabrications utilize UV stabilized virgin HDPE that is BPA free and FDA approved. TranStore’s plastic IBCs are manufactured for 1.9 specific gravity solutions. They hold UN/DOT 31H2/Y permit labels for PGII/III transport and use.

Plastic intermediate bulk containers experience excellent performance across applications in terms of compatibility, container durability, operation effectiveness, material handling and release, logistics reuse, and service life. Plastic IBCs are actively utilized in the industries of agriculture, chemical use, product manufacturing, handling and transport, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and food, beverage, and consumer products, fragrances, flavors, dyes, paints, to construction work solutions. Poly IBCs can also be fully fabricated according to food grade standards as applications require.

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Contact us if you have any further questions about our available TranStore IBC totes or to request customizations to an intermediate bulk container.

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