IBC Tote Valves

IBC tote valve imageBuy IBC valves for sale at excellent prices. Our tote valves are sourced from North America’s top manufacturers. IBC tote valves connect with tank outlets, made to control the discharge and connection of intermediate bulk containers. Installed at the container base, valves allow the movement and delivery of the tank payload: either liquid, powder or semi solid commodities. An IBC container valve is engineered for the safe, effective release of a tank’s cargo as well as provide simple on/off control of product flow. Depending on the IBC valve type, fitting and/or adapter, valves can be used to integrate an IBC container and its cargo into a job site or application by use of tubing, hoses or pipes. Common applications include water and waste water treatment, chemical and industrial processing, product manufacturing, construction, food and beverage industries, energy production, cooling towers, agriculture, ag fertilizers, pesticides, irrigation, livestock animal watering, DEF, and ice making equipment.

IBC Valve Specifications

Intermediate bulk container valves are designed from various materials, fabricated to various threading sizes, set for different attachment styles, and/or rated up to certain pressure operations. Having the right valve and fitting option will allow an IBC container to be integrated into various production, logistic, or delivery systems, and ensures compatibility with the desired payload materials or chemicals. IBC components are sized to fit across gallon capacities, model types and uses for the various IBC tanks. Product specifications and tank hole sizes are carefully listed to outline component dimensions and compatibility. Select the tote discharge valve that best suits the conditions and requirements of both the job and IBC container.

IBC valves are available manufactured from either quality plastic or durable metal. Plastic valves are made from pure thermoplastic resins of either Polypropylene, PVC or CPVC. They contain no BPA and are made to meet NSF, ANSI, and ASTM standards to ensure product safety, reliability and compatibility across work uses including potable water. Metal IBC valves are made from high grade 316 stainless steel. Available IBC tote valve types include: Single Union, True Union, Bolted and Float Valves. We offer these valves, fittings and adapters for replacement of tote valves as well as to suit tank modifications and customization needs.

Types of IBC Valves

We have a full selection of all valve sizes and types. Each is designed for a specific use case. Chemical compatibility and functionality are the most important requirements once you’ve determined what size you need.

Single Union Ball Valves for IBC totes

IBC single union valves come in polypropylene material type. Other materials PVC, CPVC can be requested. Single union ball valves come with one threaded union that allows a plumbing system to be more easily worked on as needed. These are the most common valves used with caged totes. Sizes are available between ½” up to 3” for single union ball valves. This valve style comes in Female NPT x Female NPT connection types. They are pressure rated for 125 PSI at 70 °F, 100 PSI at 0 °F, and 70 PSI at 150 °F. Gasket material is EPDM standard but Viton is available on request.

True Union IBC Ball Valves

true union ball valve
IBC true union valves come in PVC or CPVC material type. Polypropylene material valves can be requested. True union ball valves feature double union threaded connectors that allow the valve or plumbing to be easily serviced, repaired or replaced. Sizes are available between 1 ½” up to 4”. The true union ball valve comes in Socket x Socket, Socket x Female NPT, Female NPT x Female NPT, or Thread x Thread connection types. They are rated up to 125 PSI at 70 °F. Gaskets are available in either EPDM or Viton.

Bolted Ball Valves

bolted ball valve
IBC bolted ball valves come in polypropylene material type. Bolted ball valves come with four threaded bolts for product mounting. Sizes are available between ¾” up to 4” in flow diameter and feature full port, standard port and compact models. The bolted ball valve comes in Female NPT x Female NPT, Female NPT x Male NPT, Male NPT x Coupler, and Female NPT x Coupler connection types and is rated up to 125 PSI at 70 °F, 100 PSI at 0 °F, and 70 PSI at 150 °F. Gasket material is Viton standard but EPDM is available on request.

Stainless Steel IBC Ball Valves

IBC stainless steel ball valves come in 316 SS material type. The steel IBC ball valve type is a superior choice for long lasting durability and chemical resistance excluding strong acids and halogenated acids. These are highly recommended for our chemical grade tote tanks. Sizes are available between ½” up to 3” in flow diameter and come in full port models. The stainless steel ball valve comes in Female NPT x Female NPT connection type and is rated up to 1000 PSI at 100 °F, 1,000 PSI at -20 °F and 200 PSI at 350 °F.

Float Valves

IBC float valves are designed for direct installation into tank inlet bulkheads. They allow for the automatic filling of totes to the level desired by your application and are completely adjustable. Float valves feature a 14” long stainless steel connection rod and an 8” PVC float ball. Valve sizes come in 1” or 1 ½” flow diameter. The float valve comes in the Male NPT connection type.

Special Note

The IBC vales we offer should only be used for direct replacement when intended for use with UN / DOT permitted IBC totes, shipping and applications. This is to keep from voiding the container permit and testing approvals. This does not apply to alterations or custom mods for work cases or personal use that do not require a UN / DOT permit. Ensure your desired IBC valve will match and suit the needs of your specific application. Reach out to us with any questions you may have.

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