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IBC Tanks’ Wholesale Pricing Advantage

Looking to reduce asset costs, improve company logistics and worker handling efficiencies with intermediate bulk containers? IBC Tanks offers the industry’s most versatile, most used UN / DOT permitted IBCs available at wholesale discount rates.

IBC Totes 10 inch width Freight Truck

Wholesale pricing is offered for single large orders and recurring orders on composite poly caged IBC totes that meet select quote requirements. Half truck and full truck load IBC quantities often qualify for additional discounts due to collective shipping and FTL freight.

A full truck load of caged IBC totes is considered to be 60 totes in number. This is for a 53 ft. semitrailer and two rows of 275/330 gallon totes stacked two high.

Whenever purchasing large quantities of composite poly caged totes, communicate your potential IBC purchase volume and specific order requirements, even in 1 to 2+ year projections as applicable. This allows us to find and offer IBC discounts or special pricing options that may be available to you.

The following discount rate table demonstrates pricing variables and is just an example of potential cost savings:

Initial Order Quantity Recurring Need? 1-2 Year Expected Volume Meets Half Truck Load (26) Meets Full Truck Load (54) Special Terms Ability to Refer Business Incremental Savings Expectation
12 No 0 No No No Low $
12 Yes 12 No No No Low $$
12 Yes 36 Maybe No No Low $$$
12 Yes 24 No No No High $$$
12 Yes 72 Yes Maybe Maybe High $$$$
26 No 0 Yes No Maybe Low $$$$
26 Yes 54 Yes No Maybe Low $$$$$
26 Yes 36 Yes No Maybe High $$$$$
26 Yes 100+ Yes Maybe Yes Low $$$$$$
54 No 0 Yes Yes Yes Low $$$$$$$
54 Yes 100+ Yes Yes Yes Low $$$$$$$$
54 Yes 100+ Yes Yes Yes High $$$$$$$$$
72 Yes 300+ Yes Yes Yes Low $$$$$$$$$$
100+ No 0 Yes Yes Yes Low $$$$$$$$$
100+ Yes 100+ Yes Yes Yes Low $$$$$$$$$$$
500+ No 0 Yes Yes Yes Low $$$$$$$$$$$$
500+ Yes 500+ Yes Yes Yes Low $$$$$$$$$$$$$

For more information on IBC specifications, sizes and shipping.

Industries and Applications We Serve

Regional distributors, supply networks, and fulfillment centers choose our wholesale IBCs for use in their company logistic streams and economic applications to reduce their recurring costs and improve workflow. IBC totes offer a consistent and secure means of handling company supply and demand resources, process intermediates, and the commercial transit of finished goods.

Industries that commonly use these IBCs include: chemical processing (CPI), plastics and synthetics, agriculture, landscaping, construction, biochemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutics, petrochemicals and energy.

Poly IBC totes are used to warehouse and actively handle many chemicals and substances, from caustics to natural oils to diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). A few more example commodities include healthcare drug process intermediates, plastic granules, various food and beverage ingredients, powders and syrups, waste products, aqueous solutions, ionic solutions, and basic resources such as water, soil and rock.

Commercial and industrial applications choose IBC containers as an integral component of their everyday operations and work equipment. Engineering and construction projects employ IBCs in vehicle fleets for the repeat transport of building resources, often moving potable and non potable water, sand, gravel, worksite solvents, fuels, greases, oils, coatings, sealants, or paints.

IBC totes in the chemical processing industry are frequently integrated into system designs for use in handling, receiving, shipping, dosing, and/or mixing chemical acids, bases, oils, oxidizers, and petroleum-based materials including flammables.

Within agriculture and landscaping, poly caged totes are commonly filled with water or crop performance mixtures: fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.

In the food and beverage industry, poly totes handle products intended for consumption and are incorporated into production lines, packaging, and the shipping and storage of sensitive, short shelf-life commodities. Common examples include syrups, plant oils, granulated goods, nuts and grains, raw ingredients, additives, preservatives, and active agents.

Experience and Results | IBC Tanks, Your Tote Authority

IBC Tanks is an industry leader and authority that specializes in intermediate bulk containers, resources, and information. With over 25 years of industry experience and a nationwide distribution network, we have the tools to deliver our clients a wholesale IBC solution that fulfills both their commodity handling and budgetary needs.

We are proud to provide a modern approach to IBC containers at the industry’s most competitive wholesale pricing. We provide a simplified online ordering process with the fastest of shipping methods and all accompanied by the most reliable and knowledgeable support team in the market. If you have any questions concerning our available discounts and options, contact us today.

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