Winery IBC Totes

About IBC Totes for Wine

Winery IBC tanks are food grade, portable and reusable, largely customizable stainless steel application containers that have been designed for vineyard wine and other beverage based operations. These IBC tanks have various custom options and are engineered for handling, storing, shipping, fermenting, blending, and distilling wines, alcohols, flavorings, and other consumable beverage products.

Our winery IBC tanks are available in fluid capacities ranging from small 110 gallon tanks priced at $2,200 and measuring 42″ L x 48″ W x 20″ H, to large 550 gallon tanks, at $3,300 measuring 42″ L x 48″ W x 74″ H.

Winery IBC Manufacturing Design Standards

Winery IBC tanks are approved for food grade use and are certified according to FDA requirements, Title 49 CFRs for IBCs, as well as IMDG, ANSI / NSF 61 for drinking water, and NFPA fire codes. They are DOT / UN permitted and labeled UN31A/Y, suitable for PGII and PGIII transport by land, air, and sea.

Wine IBC Characteristics and Benefits

Stainless steel winery IBCs have very long operation lives, potentially exceeding 20 years of successful service. This makes our wine IBC tanks long term company assets that are extensively reusable and capable of being cleaned. Wine IBCs are portable, simple to load and transport, easy to fill and discharge product, and do not require much in the way of tank maintenance.

IBC Tanks’ stainless steel wine and beverage IBCs are economical choices for production processes involving the fermentation or distillation of wines, red or white, heavy fruits, ciders, or spirits. These tanks are engineered to potentially benefit facility operations and productivity. A large 22 1/2″ manway, rounded corners, and fully sloped bottoms provide easy and effective tank cleaning and sanitization that is capable of meeting the utmost hygiene requirements.

Handling and Engineering of Winery IBC Tanks

The tanks are cubical in shape to promote efficient organization and tote stacking that maximizes product space per square foot fluid volume. They are stackable to 3 high, both full and empty up to 550 gallons. All wine making IBC volumes are very portable, featuring 3 way directional access for pallet jack or fork truck maneuverability as well as lifting lugs for overhead hoists.

Winery IBC tanks are fabricated in the USA utilizing modern industry technology and regulation standards. Tanks are available constructed from 304/304L or 316/316L stainless steel material grades. They are fabricated from 10 gauge, thick stainless steel and feature an electropolish 2B finish. A 2B finish provides a polished, smooth surface that resists residues, promotes tank cleaning, and increases product fluidity and draining.

Wine IBC totes have a removable 22 1/2″ top manway fastened by a bolted clamp ring, (other lid options are available). The tanks come installed with food grade, white EPDM gaskets. They have a 3″ top fill cap with integrated vacuum / pressure relief, a 2″ bung, 2″ standard stainless steel ball outlet valve, and hopper bottoms to facilitate near 100% total drainage.

The winery IBC tanks have four, formed legs that provide 9″ clearance for handling and installation of sanitary valves. A tank volume chart allows for quick approximation of internal product volume.

Every individual winery tank is uniquely labeled with a serial number and tank information. IBC Tanks provides various custom options for winery IBC totes. Custom company logos or product, company information can be permanently mounted to tank exteriors. A flush mounted side clean out door option (13″ x 17″) is available for capacities greater than 110 gallon tanks. Winery tanks can be fabricated to additional manway sizes for tank heads and sides.

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IBC Tanks is a top industry provider of winery IBC tanks. Discount pricing is available for wholesale orders. Contact us today with your questions and to customize your winery IBC tanks according to the needs of your operation.

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